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Hologram Labels

The best seal of infallible security and assurance for genuineness and quality against any sort of imitation for duplication or piracy is the hologram label, a high-tech counterfeiting deterrent. Hologram labels reveal any attempts to remove them from a product or document since they are tamper-evident.

At a sales or distribution location, hologram is robust and instantly recognisable at first glance without the use of any additional equipment.

Holograms provide foolproof protection against all forms of imitation for copying and pirating and provide an authenticity label for packaging, giftware, stationery, security printing, brand authentication, and other products.

Types of Holograms

Different Sizes & Shapes

Sheet & Roll Form

Colour & Transparent

Tamper Evident Holograms

With QR Code & Barcode

With Serial Numbering

Hologram with Printing

Chemical Etching Holograms

Scratch Holograms

Demetallized Holograms

Stock Holograms