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Holographic Strips on Paper Labels & Boards

Holographic Strips on Paper Labels

Holographic strips can now be included into paper labels to increase security and authenticity. During the label-making process, a thin layer called the holographic strip is merged into the paper label and contains a holographic image. From different angles, the hologram strip can be seen to have a distinctive pattern. The strip is designed to be difficult to replicate or duplicate, making it an effective anti-counterfeiting device.

Holographic Strips on Pharma Labels

Pharmaceutical labels with holographic strips add an additional layer of product security. It promotes customer safety by providing a means for them to spot phoney or changed packaging. Additionally, it provides businesses with a mechanism to keep tabs on how their products are being distributed and confirm that only authorized shops are selling them.

Holographic Strips on Automobile Labels

Incorporating a holographic strip into the automobile label is an effective approach to prevent counterfeiting and to give the packaging for automotive spare parts a special level of security and protection. This type of technology is becoming more and more popular as more firms look for ways to stop fraud and counterfeiting. By including the hologram on the label, automakers can protect their customers against fraud and counterfeiting.

Holographic Strips on Clothing Labels

On clothing labels, holographic strips have several uses. It adds a layer of security to the label in addition to making a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing statement on clothing tags or labels. Many businesses employ patented hues and patterns that are challenging to imitate, which helps stop counterfeiting.

Holographic Strips on Tickets & Coupons

Today’s consumer-focused marketing initiatives must include reward and incentive schemes. These programs help firms increase repeat business and customer loyalty. Under the rules of a Blue Cap Ventures secure redemption coupon, only customers who have legitimately purchased the commodity or service may make a claim. These coupons have been widely used in a number of industries, such as fashion, food, entertainment, and automobiles. These coupons include holographic strips for further security.

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