Hologram Technology

With the use of holography technology, a wavefront can be captured and later rebuilt. Although holography is most commonly used to create three-dimensional images, it also has a variety of other uses. For any kind of wave, a hologram can theoretically be created.

The security hologram, which often resembles a self-adhesive label and is created using the cutting-edge technology known as "laser optics," has been found to be the most efficient optical security device for thwarting fraud. Without a security hologram, it would be impossible to use a credit card. Holograms for security are frequently used worldwide.

(a) Document authentication, which involves protecting the originals of important, private, and irreplaceable papers against the risk of fraud and counterfeiting. (b) Product authentication and brand protection to assist customers in identifying genuine products and defend brands from knockoffs and imitations. (c) Boosting a brand's reputation and brand marketing.

Master Origination

Master Origination is the first phase of the creation of a hologram. Blue Cap ventures top-notch High Security technology is miles ahead of the long-established 2D/3D, dot matrix origination techniques. This state-of-the-art method uses polygonal patterns rather than dots to create the master hologram. This results in brighter, clearer holograms since the image pixels are perfectly aligned to one another with no gaps in between. According to the security aspects that their clients demand, Blue Cap Ventures uses a variety of Masters for their clients.

1) 2D/3D & Dotmatrix Hologram Mastering
2) Kinegram Mastering
3) E Beam Mastering

Security Features

The holograms that are provided may contain both overt and covert security components.

Overt features are clearly apparent, making it easy for the end user to identify genuine products. The evident components are complicated, alluring, and difficult to duplicate. One of the more prominent features is the use of guilloche designs. effects including gradients, dynamics, and embossing.

A security system’s covert features are those that cannot be noticed without specialised tools. Nano text, graphics that can be read by a laser, raster effects, and other subtle features are some of the hidden features. The staff members conducting on-site product authenticity checks benefit from this because the manufacturer is the only one who is aware of the features.

More Security Features

Blue Cap Ventures offers printing, chemical etching, QR codes, bar codes, serial numbers, scratch holograms, demetallization, lens strip integration, two-color holograms and many other hologram capabilities in addition to the security features on the Master.

Tamper Evident Features

Hologram Labels have tamper-evident characteristics that provide undeniable proof if the label is attempted to be removed. When a hologram is attempted to be peeled, the design is deformed, making it hard to reattach the label to the product or box. Tamper-evident features offer an additional level of security. They are used in many industries where consumers must receive sealed products as proof of authenticity. Blue Cap Ventures provides the following tamper properties.

Full Tamper Evident, Void Tamper, Honey Comb Pattern, Checkerboard Pattern, Customised Text or Logo Tamper, Self Destructible/Multiple Cut Hologram are some of the tamper-evident features available.

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