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Holographic Metalized Films

To ensure that the design can be viewed properly, the best metallization is supplied. Holographic films have a high Metal Bond Strength (MBS), which is necessary for successful lamination. Films with plasma metalization and corona treatment are available upon request for improved lamination.

Transparent Holographic Films

In order to boost protection and visual appeal, these are offered to offset printers in either generic or distinctive designs. Calendars, cards, and hard packaging are examples of applications.

Colour or Mylar Holographic Films

There are numerous Pantone colour tones available for holographic metallic films. PET Film, 13 microns thick, comes in widths of up to 1300 mm and has colours on the film side (Outside). Additionally, 12 micron metallized colored/mylar films are readily available. On demand, colours can also be sandwiched between metallizing and holographic for specific applications below the film (inside). Gift wrapping, advertising, and decor are some examples of uses.

Customized Design Holographic Films

The customizable holographic solution from Blue Cap Ventures helps to secure and authenticate genuine products. The Blue Cap Ventures solution has been hailed by several brand owners as an effective weapon in the fight against counterfeit goods and the promotion of their own products.

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Holographic Films

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