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Types of Holograms

2D / 3D Holograms

In order to create the illusion of a three-dimensional holographic structure, 2D/3D holograms are composed of numerous two-dimensional layers with hologram images arranged one behind the other with visual depth. Between the many levels, there is excellent visual depth, and the initial layer is shiny. These images often consist of tiny lines that are visible at significant diffraction angles. A 2D or 3D hologram with depth and parallax can be created from practically any existing pattern or logo.

Dotmatrix Holograms

Dotmatrix Holograms enable the incorporation of countless electronically controlled and laser-engraved dots in holograms. These holograms are the product of patterns with several tiny dots, each of which is a unique diffraction grating. They produce a stunning impact of shifting pictures. The effects that a dot-matrix holographic sticker can produce include moving, flipping, zooming, etc. A 2D/3D hologram with a decent viewing depth, several levels, and buried text can be combined with an excellent dot-matrix effect.

High Security Kinegram Holograms

The most cutting-edge Kinemax holographic origination system in the world, offered by Blue Cap Ventures, has the capacity to “invent” new security features. Due to the high resolution spatial light modulator on which its opto-electronic unit is based, it can produce extremely intricate designs in a single exposure. This method allows for much easier creation of additional security measures and considerably better design flexibility.

Ebeam Holograms

An electron beam that can be concentrated in a place a few nanometers across is used to synthesize micro relief with predetermined specifications. The e-beam technology becomes a totally digital activity when micro relief parameters are calculated by synthesizing an optical range image. E-beam technology holds a unique position among the recording technologies for holograms.

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Types of Holograms

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