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Blue Cap Ventures Holographic film designs provide an endless range of visual effects in packaging for strengthening brand identities and grabbing customers' attention on congested retail shelves. Holographic films are created from the best grade raw materials with the goal of preventing oxidation and having strong barrier qualities against moisture and oxygen for increased shelf life of the packed goods.

To protect and identify genuine products, Blue Cap Ventures custom holographic pattern films are employed. Brand owners frequently utilise Holographic Solution as a potent tool to battle fake goods and defend their brand in the marketplace. Holographic films made for holodecks can have both standard and unique design elements.

To fulfil your needs, Blue Cap Ventures can quickly satisfy all of your holographic film demands. Our holographic films are used by renowned laminators and converters in India and other countries, which says a lot about their calibre.

Blue Cap Ventures also sells seamless holographic film, which is used in high-end packaging and ornamental labelling applications.

Holographic Films Wide Web Soft Embossed

Seamless Holographic Films Soft Embossed

Cast & Cure Holographic Films

UV Embossed Holographic Films

Holographic Transferable Films

Window Metallized Holographic Films