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Hologram Stickers with Serial Numbering

Hologram Labels with Laser Serial Numbering

Holograms with Serial Laser Numbers make your product or document easier to identify. Variable information, such serialized numbers, can be laser imprinted on the hologram’s surface. Excellent once again for tracking hologram labels, security, and inventory management. These holograms are available in sheet form. Available in a variety of colours, capable of being delivered in 24/36 micron thickness, and capable of being equipped with tamper evident features.

Hologram Labels with Inkjet Serial Numbering

Fixed or sequential numbering can be printed in either pure numeric form or in conjunction with letters and numbers. Industries use holograms with inkjet printing numbers as a way to trace their products. This kind of variable data can be used to customize each Hologram, such as serial numbers, batch codes, and production dates.

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